Album Review: Shenseea – Never Get Late Here

Shenseea, born Chinsea Lee on October 1, 1996, hails from Jamaica and has rapidly ascended the ranks in the dancehall and reggae scene. Her latest offering, “Never Get Late Here,” encapsulates the vibrant energy and genre-blending creativity that has become her hallmark.

Album Overview:
Never Get Late Here” is a testament to Shenseea‘s evolution as an artist, blending traditional dancehall rhythms with contemporary pop, hip-hop, and R&B influences. This album features 12 tracks that showcase her versatility, lyrical prowess, and the infectious energy she brings to each performance.

Track Highlights:

  1. Face Lift (Intro) – The opening track sets the tone with its upbeat tempo and motivational lyrics, celebrating resilience and determination.
  2. Tap Out – A sultry track that combines smooth reggae beats with sensual vocals, highlighting 's ability to craft romantic anthems.
  3. Flava – Featuring an international artist Coi Leray , this song is a fusion of dancehall and pop, aimed at dominating the global charts.
  4. Stars – A slower, R&B-infused number that explores late-night musings and emotional vulnerability.
  5. Loyalty – A high-energy, confident track that exemplifies Shenseea's bold personality and charisma.

Artist Details:
Chinsea Lee, known professionally as Shenseea, burst onto the scene with her breakout single “Loodi” featuring Vybz Kartel. Since then, she has released a series of hits, collaborated with international stars, and established herself as a leading voice in modern dancehall. Her Jamaican roots heavily influence her music, but her adaptability and willingness to experiment with different genres have broadened her appeal.

Never Get Late Here” is a compelling album that solidifies Shenseea's status as a powerhouse in the music industry. Each track offers something unique, making the album a dynamic listening experience from start to finish. Shenseea's fearless approach to blending genres and her innate ability to connect with listeners through her vibrant sound make this album a must-listen for fans of contemporary dancehall and beyond.

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